Welcome to As If Wines by Alie Shaper.

Wine has not just been a journey of learning a craft, but the journey of discovering myself as a person. 

“If” has been the guiding principle in my career.  By examining all possibilities and opening myself up to all the answers “if” summons, I have been led to places that I never imagined, but were exactly where I should be.

I didn’t grow up around wine, but with some nudging from the Fates, I find myself where I belong: in the winery. The trinity of Serendipity, Persistence and Courage play havoc with the best-laid plans, but they will always bring you home.

Through wine, I am able to tell my story and share my experiences.  And just as wine evolves,  I continue to write new chapters in my career as a winemaker.  As If Wines are my personal stories, and I look forward to sharing them with you.


Serendipity is delivery of opportunity, to one ready to receive it.


Courage is the undaunted heart of action.


Persistence is to tenaciously challenge opposition in pursuit of a vision.

Winemaking, Branding, Marketing and Packaging.


Alie Shaper is the founder of Brooklyn Oenology, the first urban winery in New York City. A third-generation entrepreneur, Alie not only oversees all aspects of BOE and AS IF winemaking, she serves as a consultant on wine production for a variety of clients. To learn more about her services, follow the link below.

What if I hadn’t followed the path I chose; what would my life be like today? I feel fortunate to have navigated the “ifs” as I have. They fueled my passion. They defined my taste. They brought us here. Cheers to Serendipity, Courage, Persistence, and every “if” in between.